Friday, November 20, 2015


Look at the pathetic existence you have become
all the false realities you have succumbed

Listen to the ignominy history of your past
all the indulgences you promised to be your last

Look at the disgrace you have brought to your name
all the entrusted dignities that you have put to shame

Listen to the endless excuses you feed your mind
all the sick justifications that made you blind

Look at your despicable perception of your actions
all the widespread odium for your failed reactions

Listen to the disgusted whispering behind your back
all the mortification that is painting you in black

This is your existence.


I took a peek into my mind
seeking the disharmony that made me blind

In the midst of the agonizing dissonance
a soothing epiphany came into existence

Do not be afraid of what is in front of you
for all your greatest fears lie behind you

I believe when you disregard your cognition
all dissonance will fade into oblivion

Sense of logic is what intoxicates you
so realize the ecstatic fact that your time is due

Let go and free yourself from this futile resistance
as the world does not need your petty existence

This is your realization.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Soothing wind breezes through my face
there is a sweetness in the air I can taste

Endless freedom before my very eyes
I can see the promised Utopia with no lies

The voices in the air are filled with utter dissonance
as if they are telling me to disregard my existence

The air itself oozes the foul scent of the night
I find it hard to breath at this level of height

Should I listen to the whispering of my left
or the soothing screech of my right?

Here I am, standing
Should I take a step forward?

This is your dissonance.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Here I sit in this shapeless room

floating like I am in my mother's womb

I listened to the nocturnes dancing in the air

whispering the songs I would never share

The breath of the song makes me feel so dear

it pulverises every single veins in my ear

Between these mesmerizing notes

Lies the emotion I desire most

As I reach the tip of orgasm

I breached my own sense of narcissism

I opened my eyes as the epilogue draws near

I screamed in joy as I burst into tears

This is the only moment I forget my fears

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I am looking at him
puking as I smell the foul scent of him

I took his voice
freeing him from his vice

I took his eyes
enlightenning him from the truth that lies

I whispered sympathy into his mind
yet with empathy he declined

So I forced a pole through his chest
impaling him on his eternal rest

I am looking at him
smiling as I purified him

This is his change, his becoming.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Past is the sin you once had
Pursue the unseen that made you mad
Past is the skin you once had
Peaceful moments that you once shared

Again it comes again and again
Agonizing pain makes you insane
Again it comes again and again
Afraid is the only word you retain

Inside this senseless mind
Impurity is what you shall find
Inside this painless sigh
Idiocy is what makes you high

Nothing matters anymore when you die

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Dwell into the deep abyss of darkness
so deep that you would lose your senses
so dark that you would question your affections

Is this the moment?
that you wanted to sigh
that you wanted to cry
that you wanted to die

This is a war between acceptance and ignorance
cultivating the very lessons of existence
nurturing the very essence of religions
purifying the raging transcendence

This is a place between reality and fantasy
where your darkest fear will be your last insanity

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Dream is your heaven of alternate reality
where your soul embraces your insanity
where your songs are sung for eternity
where you heart aches relentlessly

Take a step back and enjoy the scene
this is where you embrace your sin
this is where you paint the obscene
this is where you wash yourself clean

Dream is your memories screaming in pain
it is where your conscience go insane
it is where you have nothing to gain
but only to lose yourself in the pain

Dream, is a place you should just stay

Saturday, March 1, 2014


How does your nightmare look like?
Does it look so wrong yet so right?
Does it make your mind feel so tight?
Does it make your soul feel so high?

Guilt on your left and conscience on your right
Believe in your fear and feel His might
Pray in your dream and hope will ignite
Forgive yourself and guilt will subside

Dreams are the filthy desires in your mind
Whispering your thoughts in black and white
Trust your senses when you lose your sight
Conscience will be your greatest guide

How would your nightmare look like tonight?

Monday, February 24, 2014


Have you ever tried to run, so hard that you would not stop even if you start to puke? 
Have you ever thought of disappearing, so much that you would rather burn yourself into dust?
Have you ever wanted to hide, so much that you would rather dig your eyes out?
Have you ever felt like running away, so much that life itself seems like an easy thing to give up on?

What would you do?

What would you do with those thoughts?
What would you do with those sadistic thoughts that are consuming you?

Would you embrace it?

Would you cover it up?

Let us run, away from the unpleasant truth

Let us disappear, from this miserable society
Let us hide, from this disturbing reality

Let us hide, from our own disgusting existence

Sunday, May 13, 2012



How should I stop myself
from being the garroter of my own
from the eternal loop of Sisyphean
from the endless cycle of Uroboros

How should I prove my existence
if I never existed?
The thought of acceptance
evokes a disturbance on my innocence

I enjoy the nocturne of Nihilism
the fallacious song of existence
I loathe the very existence of my presence
quivering with the sickening indulgence

I lust for your lithe figure, such a filthy temptation for you to slowly devour my existence

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Breaking the cycle of self-indulgence
Emptiness revolves around seductions
I'm too afraid to show my existence
Neither me nor myself nor reflections
Gaze into silence and look for guidance

Let me in you filthy little creature
Everything you see ignites your pleasure
Fuck insanity when I sew my eye
To blind myself from your beautiful lie

Orobas merely exists for our revelation
Utter madness ingulfs the goetic invocation
Triangle and circle are the key to evocation

Take me to the place where everyone cries

Friday, May 6, 2011


Darkness was the road that lies ahead
your presence was nothing but a fate
Your existence was blurred and disgraced
yet deep down inside I was afraid

The loathful bond between metal and flesh
crucifying conscience in a flash

So just kiss the sin of remorse that I violate
cause' I adore that disgusting sound that you make

Empathy fades as I drown my conscience
Guilt is now a stain in my existence
I'm now being punish for my violence
for drowning my conscience into silence

I am sorry that I killed you