Saturday, May 28, 2011


Breaking the cycle of self-indulgence
Emptiness revolves around seductions
I'm too afraid to show my existence
Neither me nor myself nor reflections
Gaze into silence and look for guidance

Let me in you filthy little creature
Everything you see ignites your pleasure
Fuck insanity when I sew my eye
To blind myself from your beautiful lie

Orobas merely exists for our revelation
Utter madness ingulfs the goetic invocation
Triangle and circle are the key to evocation

Take me to the place where everyone cries

Friday, May 6, 2011


Darkness was the road that lies ahead
your presence was nothing but a fate
Your existence was blurred and disgraced
yet deep down inside I was afraid

The loathful bond between metal and flesh
crucifying conscience in a flash

So just kiss the sin of remorse that I violate
cause' I adore that disgusting sound that you make

Empathy fades as I drown my conscience
Guilt is now a stain in my existence
I'm now being punish for my violence
for drowning my conscience into silence

I am sorry that I killed you