Tuesday, September 16, 2008


If I let it be the past
then it takes no prisoner
I dont know whether it'll lost
til the end of forever...

Blind burned in a candle
yet mind is dying in blue
It's more than I can handle
no angels should too...

Do I still remember?
the sound's tender that made me hide
Flame covered the angel's December
melting souls inside...

I am blind

Monday, September 1, 2008

Contaminated Fallacy

If there is no Gravity, blood would not need to flow down, from the wound.
If there is no Gravity, corpse would not need to lie down, when they are dead.
If there's no The End, there won't be The Last. Everything is eternal.
If there's no The End, there won't be The Final. Everything would last forever.

If you could have scream it out, things might not be the same now
If you would have told me, I could have shown you the way to Eternity.

If freedom simbolizes eternity, then death would have not been so easy
If hope simbolizes everlasting, cadaver would have been so tasty.

You are confused, by the fallacy.

Shut Their mouth with strings and needle
Blind Their eyes with hidious illusions
End Their smell with the scent of the polluted
Destroy Their ears with voiceless screaming
Slice Their touch with the viridian piercing

Cover up Their faces with the fifth alphabert.
Contaminate Their mind with blue deceptions.

Do it,
again and again,
again and again,
until you reach satisfaction.

Until fallacy evokes consciousness.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mona Lisa's Smile

I like the way Mona Lisa smiles
A smile of an angel
Whispering life

I like the way you smiles
A smile of a thousand angels
Breathing love

It seems like forever
your smile and loving face
It seems like never
you lost yourself in the maze

If I fly over the clouds just to see you
will you smile for me?

If I can give you the world
will you paint it gold?

If one day
Mona Lisa no longer smiles
for the world

Will you smile
for the world?
for me?...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Middle, of nowhere.

Angels on your left
Demons on your right
Singing the love song in bass cleft
Whispering behind your ears in a way you like

Heaven above you
Hell below you
Virtue in front of you
Vice behind you

Are you feeling high
for being in the middle?

Do you feel the Allegro
of your memory killing your past
Do you feel the Presto
of your mind getting blinded by lust

Angels from hell
drowned in this white reality
Devils from heaven
asphyxiated in this blue illusion

Nothing is left

Are you prepared to face your death?
Are you willing to blow your last breath?

My beloved butterfly
I can hear your envious cry
Are you ready to fly?
Are you ready.........

to die?


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Red


The feeling is so blue
after all I've went through
the piercing of needle
glowing more than just a metal

I'm standing in a white box
filled with crimson sand and fuchsia rocks
It's not about what I've seen
it's about the voices screaming from within

I can smell the red
yes, do feel free to take
I can feel the flow
no, I'm not embraced by sorrow

I am, smiling for the red satisfaction.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008



This is the place where my feelings, love, and thoughts are shared,
through poems and short stories.

It is 11.47pm right now, this is when all these begin.
13 minutes before the 13th.

And did you guys noticed?
11.47 = 1+1+4+7 =


Saturday, August 9, 2008


Prologue ~ The P
Do you still rememberthe story of the black-painted letter?it's about the premature souland "its" story that was never told


Temptation is slicing the meat
bloody viper that broke the sheet 
finding ways without a clue
crawling straight into the suretU.

Then there's the time
vomiting through the days and night begins
voiceless scream of the slime
awaken the soul that lies within

Then there's the time
sounds of quarrel burning high
nurturing the artistic crime
finally portrayed in the poem of lie


Chapters ~ The A
Uncontrollable consumptions begins
incomparable pain shouts from within
illusions which kills the heart
saturates the mixture of tears and blood

Fear drains you away from reality
peacefully you lie down by screaming crazily
gazing at the blue ceiling for that sole reason
observing your limbs wide open

Your emotions are getting low
maybe it is because of the enslaved soul,
that is sliced into pieces and portion
or maybe you're feeling high as you reach satisfaction

Tears from the inside, you could feel "it" cry
Pain from the outside, you can feel "it" die


Epilogue ~ The C
The Society has gone very wrong
they sing and praise the insidious song
Deep below the skin you touch
flows the blood that doesn't match

Humanity embraces the lust
Rationalism being engulf and crush
Insanity evokes and growing strong
blurring the vision of right and wrong

The Society was drowned by sound of vice
listening to their thirst for sacrifice
when sorrow is peeling your skin
Time is praying for forgiveness from within


Didn't you notice the head of the foetus
hanging on the tree behind you?