Saturday, March 28, 2009


Misery is the reason of my silence
Mystery, the blood of all existence

Purify my soul if I was deemed too sinful
Crucify my life if my existence is
nothing more than just a sin 

I draw a picture of your yesterday
it was both beautiful and disgusting
filled with lustful angels and breathing demons

Even with me 
sitting alone

My heart is blind
Save me from Purgatory

I will not cry
Love me 
with hate 


Saturday, March 14, 2009


The gloomy feeling of excessive love
evokes a fallacy that nothing is above
Digesting the red eyes of this blue dove
requires nothing more but this latex glove

Taste the blue desires in Asmodeus' breath
asphyxiate yourself in the desert of death
where you will eventually drowned by thirst
this lechery will be your first yet your last

Sip your last drop of this sweet Vermouth
as it flows through your sadistic black tooth
you will then begin to realize the sinful truth
that all these is just a sad delusion of our youth

Feel the ultimate fetish orgasm between metal and flesh


Friday, March 6, 2009


The worship of insatiable
essence that evokes betrayal
the black thoughts that are fatal
with nothing but Nothing on the table

Soulful melody of the broken
resurrects the thirst of the fallen
empty hopes yet to be brutally taken
by the false yet undead angel named Mammon

Pure temptation flowing in your vein
Dove flying around the flower of pain
Endless desires shows that you are insane
so blue ants will gather around your sinful brain

Desires can be vitally fatal yet fatally vital