Friday, November 20, 2015


Look at the pathetic existence you have become
all the false realities you have succumbed

Listen to the ignominy history of your past
all the indulgences you promised to be your last

Look at the disgrace you have brought to your name
all the entrusted dignities that you have put to shame

Listen to the endless excuses you feed your mind
all the sick justifications that made you blind

Look at your despicable perception of your actions
all the widespread odium for your failed reactions

Listen to the disgusted whispering behind your back
all the mortification that is painting you in black

This is your existence.


I took a peek into my mind
seeking the disharmony that made me blind

In the midst of the agonizing dissonance
a soothing epiphany came into existence

Do not be afraid of what is in front of you
for all your greatest fears lie behind you

I believe when you disregard your cognition
all dissonance will fade into oblivion

Sense of logic is what intoxicates you
so realize the ecstatic fact that your time is due

Let go and free yourself from this futile resistance
as the world does not need your petty existence

This is your realization.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Soothing wind breezes through my face
there is a sweetness in the air I can taste

Endless freedom before my very eyes
I can see the promised Utopia with no lies

The voices in the air are filled with utter dissonance
as if they are telling me to disregard my existence

The air itself oozes the foul scent of the night
I find it hard to breath at this level of height

Should I listen to the whispering of my left
or the soothing screech of my right?

Here I am, standing
Should I take a step forward?

This is your dissonance.