Tuesday, September 16, 2008


If I let it be the past
then it takes no prisoner
I dont know whether it'll lost
til the end of forever...

Blind burned in a candle
yet mind is dying in blue
It's more than I can handle
no angels should too...

Do I still remember?
the sound's tender that made me hide
Flame covered the angel's December
melting souls inside...

I am blind

Monday, September 1, 2008

Contaminated Fallacy

If there is no Gravity, blood would not need to flow down, from the wound.
If there is no Gravity, corpse would not need to lie down, when they are dead.
If there's no The End, there won't be The Last. Everything is eternal.
If there's no The End, there won't be The Final. Everything would last forever.

If you could have scream it out, things might not be the same now
If you would have told me, I could have shown you the way to Eternity.

If freedom simbolizes eternity, then death would have not been so easy
If hope simbolizes everlasting, cadaver would have been so tasty.

You are confused, by the fallacy.

Shut Their mouth with strings and needle
Blind Their eyes with hidious illusions
End Their smell with the scent of the polluted
Destroy Their ears with voiceless screaming
Slice Their touch with the viridian piercing

Cover up Their faces with the fifth alphabert.
Contaminate Their mind with blue deceptions.

Do it,
again and again,
again and again,
until you reach satisfaction.

Until fallacy evokes consciousness.