Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This rage is nourishing the vengeance
and pleasuring the wrong indulgence
This madness is killing the silence
and reincarnates it into violence

I like the melody of your scream
now everything looks like a dream
This burning fire is consuming me
I can think of nothing to set me free

I trust no faith
go ahead and pray for your last breath
How many times should I experience death
before I can evoke His Wrath?

This is a tragedy of self-denial

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Apple Tree

Apple tree of December
growing strongly with tender
those days I can still remember
voiceless pain and endless suffer

Silver bullet that disguised as seed
shamefully hidden below the skin of greed
wipe those tears and falsely claim it as deed
innocent breaths and dark sorrow are what you need

What lies under the beautiful ground
are the limbs that have never been found
What continuously nourishes this soulful tree
are the infinite bloods that put a shame on the sea

This, is too raw for the tree to grow backwards


Monday, February 2, 2009


It's 11.47pm now

I woke up in this white room
filled with the scent of gloom
I feel empty
and lonely

I remember nothing about my past nor present

I was told that I am having amnesia
the only thing I can remember now is the feeling of my Coulrophobia

Should I stay?
but why?
Should I pray?
but to whom?

I want this to be my last breath
in this room, nothing is left
but then I begin to question myself

What is the meaning of my death, if my life is made up of nothing?