Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I am looking at him
puking as I smell the foul scent of him

I took his voice
freeing him from his vice

I took his eyes
enlightenning him from the truth that lies

I whispered sympathy into his mind
yet with empathy he declined

So I forced a pole through his chest
impaling him on his eternal rest

I am looking at him
smiling as I purified him

This is his change, his becoming.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Past is the sin you once had
Pursue the unseen that made you mad
Past is the skin you once had
Peaceful moments that you once shared

Again it comes again and again
Agonizing pain makes you insane
Again it comes again and again
Afraid is the only word you retain

Inside this senseless mind
Impurity is what you shall find
Inside this painless sigh
Idiocy is what makes you high

Nothing matters anymore when you die

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Dwell into the deep abyss of darkness
so deep that you would lose your senses
so dark that you would question your affections

Is this the moment?
that you wanted to sigh
that you wanted to cry
that you wanted to die

This is a war between acceptance and ignorance
cultivating the very lessons of existence
nurturing the very essence of religions
purifying the raging transcendence

This is a place between reality and fantasy
where your darkest fear will be your last insanity